Choosing Career as a freelance web developer in Nepal: How worth it is ?

choosing freelancing as career in Nepal - Nepali freelancer - freelance like pro

When you enter in freelancing sites like fiverr, upwork,, people per hour, guru, etc you will immediately notice that there is very very high competition in web development field. Not only that, CMS like wordpress, website builder like WIX, ecommerce platform like Prestashop are making it really easy to make professional websites with no more effort. With these tools anyone from any field can make wonderful websites which takes alot of effort in coding method.

As the CMS websites like wordpress are easy to change by anyone, there are lots and lots of project related to wordpress.

So, one thing you have to remember is, if you are on freelancing sites for web development projects, then give a little upgrade to yourself. I believe you should be also be able to learn these all tools in couple of days.

Try to be a full stack developer, employers are searching for a package of full stack developer in those sites. Learn some extra things like logo design, photoshop, and few other skills.

Web development work are pretty hard to get in freelancing sites, but it’s not impossible if you try harder. There are lots of people who always bid the least amount in that project and take away the project. For example if the ecommerce project is posted with the budget of 100$ to 1000$, there’s always someone who will bid 100$. In most of the cases, employer choose the one who have bid least in that project.

Is it worth to choose career as freelance web developer ?

I believe “YES”, in a country like Nepal the web developer job is very very underrated. If you are fresher forget the good salary. 100$-200$ is paid per month if you are fresher in web development. Rather than this, bidding whole month in freelancing sites is better because if you get only one project then it’s equivalent to 1 month salary. If you spend some time in the multiple freelancing sites, I bet you will be succeed in finding some projects worth 500$ to 1000$+, which is far better than 200$ per month job.
so, i would like to say that, being a web developer you must try freelancing for extra income or as a main job.

What are the benefits of doing freelancing over working in salary?

  1. Freedom of work: If you don’t want to work for some days, you are free to do that, No need to take leave and hear bla bla bla from boss. BE YOUR OWN BOSS. You can work a week and relax for a month.
  2. Freedom of time: What happens if you go late in office, may be your boss will give a 10 minutes lecture or even cut off your salary. You will be frustrated. Doing freelancing gives you freedom of time. You can take projects that has a soft deadline or hard deadline. You can charge more money for faster completion. Charge extra money for revisions.
  3. Instant Payment: You don’t need to wait whole month for your salary to arrive in your bank account. You can Withdraw when you need it
  4. Expand Yourself: When you start freelancing, you will know how to expand yourself. There are a lot of project demands which is hardly meet if you are specialized in just one programming or one niche. You will feel that you should expand yourself as a whole package. For example: you are backend developer, you should be full stack and SEO as well to get more projects.
  5. Updated with market demand: If you work as a freelancer you will have chance to see different kind of projects and you can analyze where market is shifting. Which language or technology has more demand in current market.
  6. Earn more: If you have some serious skills I bet, you will earn more than salary job. Let’s take example of mine, I get paid only 100$ a month as a fresher. But when i do freelancing i usually earn this amount in just 1 day.
  7. Direct interaction with employer/client: As you can chat/call with client directly there will be no confusions and it prevents less revisions and leads to faster work. If you give wonderful results you are more likely to get more projects as well. Once i got opportunity to work on 1500$ project after completing 10$ project. Isn’t that amazing ? The only thing you have to do is, Be honest, speak friendly & politely and give your best in the project for bringing best results.
  8. Flexible Working place: You can work from home or from wherever you want. You can enjoy your vacation and work from vacation.

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