Common scams that you must be aware in

common scams in and how to identify real projects?

Is is scam ?

Absolutely no, many peoples are earning some serious cash from this site. Unlike 20% fee in and it takes only 10% fee from freelancers. But there are some conditions where they rollback the transactions and at that moment you will feel that is a scam site.
Even it is not a scam site there are lots of scammers out there, ready to scam their next target. That next target may be you, if you are not aware of those scammers and trust blindly.
You should be very careful about the every clicks in, otherwise you will be scammed because of your own mistake. You can earn more than 100$ per day by doing freelancing full time. But maximum profiles are left there without getting even a single project.

Common scams to avoid in

  1. If employer is sharing contact to take the project outside of the reject that offer immediately and report such project. Believe me those are the most common scams that are conducted in
  2. If you are awarded with project don’t be over excited and accept it immediately. You will be charged 10% fee before you get paid. First discuss about the project properly then request the employer to create milestones . Then, accept the project only when the employer create milestones payment. Once the milestone payment is created then you can accept the project and be sure to discuss the deadline too.
  3. Simple data entry projects: This category of work is chosen by scammers most of the time because there are a lot of freelancers in without having specialized skills.
    How data entry scam is conducted ?
    – First they contact you and tell their plans, they will show some
    samples to retrieve texts from the photos.
    – Then they ask you to pay them as security deposit money.
    – Then when they get money they will be vanished
    So, stay away and avoid such projects
  4. They ask you to pay out of freelancer like (Paypal, cheque, skrill, bank deposit ) but avoid such mistakes.
    Work strictly inside the and use the milestone payment system
  5. Bitcoin or crypto currency projects: strictly monitor the bitcoin or crypto project. Even the project is legit and the employer is not a scammer the project will be removed by the and the transaction will be roll backed even you you are paid. So, do not even try to work on those projects

Here is a project that is very likely to be a scam project. How did i know ?
1. the project is about data entry
2. the project’s employer has no past reviews
3. the project’s employer has not verified any payment method or deposited payment
4. the employer’s profile is created just today

project that is likely to be scam

May be these kinds of projects are real and legit but the chances are very low and i mean it. I don’t want you to face those scams that are already faced by me.

How to identify the real and legit projects in

1. Look at the employer history:
This is the most simple and effective way to identify the legit project. If the employer has reviews about the past projects then you can believe the current project is also legit. Here’s a screenshot to see the employer history.

legit project on
legit project on

You can see the above project screenshot, the employer already completed 11 projects with 11 reviews (all 5.0 stars rating). That means it’s an really good project to work.

2. Look at the payment deposit or payment verification option. As freelancer allows only some methods like PayPal to verify payment. The profiles with verified payment are very less likely to scam you. However you must work on milestone payment even there is review(s) and payment verified.

You can see the employer has verified payment and also deposited the money. The email is also verified, profile is completed and phone number is also verified. It is very good project to work on.

Hope this article will help you to be safe from those scams and i really hope you can identify real & legit projects from now. You can contact me if you need any help from me. I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Thank you for reading till this end. 🙂

Bid smartly and safely. Happy Freelancing

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