DM Instagram For PC – How to Direct Message in Insta from computer?

send dm in instagram directly from pc / computer

Well, it’s very easy and tricky thing to do. You can send DM in Instagram for pc without any software or any tools. It is very useful in many situations like when you don’t have your phone around, when your pictures are in PC and you don’t want to send those to your phone, etc.

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Here are the very easy 6 steps you can follow to send DM in Instagram from your computer directly.

  1. Go to Instagram Website

    At first open your browser and open Instagram website i.e. and login to your account.DM Instagram For PC step 1

  2. Right Click and select inspect or press (Ctrl+Shift+i)

    Right click anywhere and select inspect in the Instagram page or press (Ctrl+Shift+i) to open inspect bar.DM Instagram For PC step 2

  3. Select Mobile mode

    Click on mobile mode and select any mobile emulator you prefer, it doesn’t matter for this function.DM Instagram For PC step 3

  4. Reload Instagram page

    Now reload the instagram website without closing the inspect element option.DM Instagram For PC step 4

  5. Close inspect bar

    Now inspection bar can be closed from the top right corner of the screen.DM Instagram For PC step 5

  6. Use the DM feature

    And there you have it, you can use any feature you want to use like DM, adding photo from pc, adding story from computer, etc.DM Instagram For PC step 6


Can you dm on instagram on pc?

Yes, it’s possible to dm anyone on instagram on pc.

Thank you for reading this article, i hope this article helped you to send DM in instagram directly from pc. If you have have comments or suggestions please comment down.

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