Force your website to use https connection instead of http

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Hi, Today i am going to tell how to Force your http connection
to https.
You can see that even you have SSL on your site, when you go to http version it shows insecure.

Two version of same site : Right secure and left insecure

I am Going to use cloud fare for the force redirection.

First go to and login to your account.

cloudfare dashboard

Find your site and click on that

Search For page rule and click on that.

Click on create page rule.

Enter the http version of your site.

and Pick a setting as: Always use HTTPS .

then Click on: save and deploy.

fand that’s it.
Go to your insecure version and refresh.
You can see that your site is always redirected to HTTPS.For eg : (Goto this link and you will be redirected to HTTPS version) :

See video if you are still confused:

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