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lyrics website - How to build or create lyrics site

Nowadays a lot of people are asking ” How to create lyrics site? ” and want to know if the lyrics site is worth it or is it legal to create lyrics site? Well I will discuss everything you need to know before executing to your plan. There are some shocking points you need to know before getting started.
Before starting on “How to build the lyrics website?” we will discuss is it legal to create site without any permission and things not to do in Lyrics website.

Is it legal to create site without any permission?

No, using anything created by other is not completely legal. But you can see there are lots of websites which are posting lyrics without any legal permission and without any issue and earning using Adsense. Why? because most of the songs lyrics are not copyrighted because of lengthy process and fees. But if the song’s lyrics is copyrighted under copyright company then google will not show any ads on that page. And may be the SERP (Google’s Search engine result page) will not show your rank even in 100th position. But don’t worry for now, maximum songs lyrics are not copyrighted till now. But if you can take permission from the song owner then it would be perfect, which is not possible in maximum cases.

How much can i earn using Lyrics site?

You may have heard that you can earn more than 100$ or 50$ per day. But this is not the case with lyrics site. As per my experience i get 4$ for 12K visitors Per day with 0.03$ to 0.04$ CPC. So, the earning totally depends on the quantity of the lyrics you post. If you can post 15 lyrics with basic SEO then after 3-4 months you will start getting about 10$-30$ per day. And choose lyrics with common sense. If the song is popular and has potential of crossing millions of views doesn’t means that song’s lyrics will be searched more.

Things not to do in Lyrics website

Ok, even after knowing the earnings will be low you started a lyrics website then these are the some crucial points to remember:

  • Don’t post lyrics just by copy and Paste. Why? because there are already 1000s of website doing better job than just copy and paste lyrics so why a user should visit your site? Try to do something more with that lyrics. Try to translate it or provide chords.
  • Don’t do it like a blog. You should make a lyrics platform where users can contribute to your site. If you started this like a blog your growth will be limited because the number of lyrics you can post is also limited.
  • Don’t use misleading tags: Tags are perfect to target multiple keywords but if you use those tags just to fill up keywords to attract the various types of users then you are doing mistake. If you put tag like “AbcXyz song mp3 download, AbcXyz mp3 listen online” then you are keeping yourself in trouble. Google will disable adsense on those tags and may apply some policy of Adsense to ban your site or page from SERP in extreme case.
  • Don’t put copyrighted material: In the name of doing something extra you may think to upload the Mp3 of the song to your site so that users can enjoy more. But remember that it’s not your property and owners have complete right to give copyright strike on your website legally. They are file a case against you in the court. so, don’t do that. You can simply embed the official YouTube link of that song.
  • Don’t promote unofficial and illegal links: You may again think that – to provide users more service why not to provide the song download link? No, you should not do that because most of the song downloading websites are illegal and if google find you are promoting illegal site then google may penalize your site. Also don’t provide unofficial video link from youtube.
  • Don’t Exchange links: Exchanging links is illegal and if found by google doing so the it may penalize all sites linking to each other.
  • Don’t put too much ads: Ads are wonderful way to earn money from adsense but those ads may irritate users while reading lyrics. Don’t put ads between the lyrics. Less ads also decreases bounce rates and increases the chances of more user return possibility.

How to build the Lyrics website?

First buy a domain name from any company like: Namecheap, Godaddy, 1&1, etc. While purchasing domain it would be better if you can put main words from the keyword you want to rank in the domain name. For example if you are creating a site with Hindi Lyrics then it would be great to have words like ” Lyrics, Hindi, Songs ” in the domain. You can be creative and choose your own domain in .com. But to target a specific country you can also take a country domain like .np, .in, .uk, etc. For example

If you are beginner and don’t want to spend more time and money then go for blogger. Why?

  • High Speed
  • No hosting cost

If you are intermediate then go for self hosted wordpress. Why?

  • High flexibility
  • More plugins
  • Better SEO

If you have web development skills or can hire developers then make a custom platfrom like Genius where users can contribute lyrics and can create verified artists account. Why?

  • No fear of copyright
  • Growth unlimited
  • can be established like a company

You can create lyrics website in any topic like: Nepali Songs Lyrics, Hindi Songs Lyrics, Songs Lyrics, punjabi songs lyrics, urdu songs lyrics.

Thank you for reading this blog. If you have any suggestion or complains to then please comment down.

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