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You spend days to create a wonderful looking website or blog and spend even more days for writing awesome articles. You are excited at that moment, Right? so i was.

When you start your blogging journey and post articles in your blog you are so much excited to see how much traffic or attention your site will get. You keep checking the website multiple times a day just to see the number of traffic you got. And at the end of the day, you see the traffic is much less than you expected or even ZERO sometimes.
You check your google search console and google analytics to see your site’s performance. All your hope goes down, and you started thinking you cannot grow on blogging or online earning world. Because of this frustration you decide to end the journey or search for alternatives to gain traffic.

The real thing is that : It’s very hard to get traffic for the new website even the articles or other works are good if you choose a competitive keyword.
Not getting traffic in the site becomes very frustrating for the new bloggers and website owners.
So, you start to search some traffic gaining hacks and tricks. And i guess at that time you found for providing traffic to your site which gives alot of promises to make your site better. But the real story is way far than that.
Let’s assume you have  adsense or any other ads network  approved in your site and your site has ads.
But you wondered if it’s safe or not to use Let’s see my experience, review, Pros and Cons of the

Is is safe for adsense?

My experience with

I have a blog called :
and i often used for this blog to boost my traffic.
I’ve use popads ad network for this blog site.
As per my experience, when you get 100 to 200 traffic the number of ads shown or impressions are only 10-15. And i had no issues till now for using as a traffic source.
And what about Adsense ? well, i’m 100% sure it is not safe for google adsense. Read Pros of below to know why it is not safe with adsense. Reviews is free to use traffic exchange website if you are small user and need only 2000-3000 visitors to your site per day. You can subscribe to their paid versions also, in which you can get traffic without traffic exchanging. Let’s discuss the free and basic version of the site. There are following ways to use for getting free traffic.
Unlike traffic bots (like traffic spirit) provides real traffic from different countries and with different real IPs.

How to use for getting free traffic?

Step1: Goto and Signup
Step 2: Click on Surf Now in the left navigation menu
Step 3: Click on surf Now button at right as shown in picture

Step 4: You can see the surfing is started and the points for surfing is collected to your account. Meanwhile, you can add your site to receive traffic from

Step 5: Add your site to gain traffic and fill up the information. You can also randomize the duration to make the traffic seems like very original. You can set 50-60 seconds visit duration to decrease bounce rate. And set the number of traffic you want. Set content screening as safe.

And you are ready to receive traffic. After some minutes, you will start receiving traffic in your site.

Pros of using

  1. Different IP from different countries because the traffic comes from other users like you. All are real users.
  2. Can be randomize the visit duration which looks very similar traffic like genuine traffic
  3. You can add 3 websites at a time even in free account. Also you can add same website for 3 times to gain more and faster traffic
  4. Increases the Alexa rank, as traffic is more with all real and different IPs
  5. Safe for ad networks like pop ads. Because the traffic is real and there is minimum chances of ads being clicked. So for 2000-3000 impressions with few clicks it don’t hamper your site for ads network like popads.
  6. You can control bounce rate by maximizing visit duration
  7. Works smoothly with all kinds of domain,sub domains, pages subpages and websites.

Cons of using for traffic

  1. You can’t select specific location (Geo targeting ) for traffic in free account.
  2. The users are not interested in your website because they are doing same thing like you do for the traffic.
  3. The bounce rate could be high as there is no more than 1 min visit duration and no crawling to other pages
  4. You can’t set the referring link for the traffic in free account
  5. The income is very less as there are no ad clicks in your site. So, only impressions give very less revenue. (Note: don’t click ads yourself otherwise you will be banned ).
  6. You can’t use for increasing youtube views very well as per my experience
  7. There are no activities at all after visiting the website that means, if you think you can make some profitable sales from your ecommerce store, Forget it.
  8. The traffic is delivered little slow than promised by

Conclusion of

As per my experience I do not recommend to use it with sites that has ad network as adsense. Because the adsense is very intelligent and powerful it can detect all the frauds and cheats. But it’s quite safe to use with ad networks like pop ads.

If you have any queries regarding traffic bot and traffic exchanger please comment down. You can ask other questions too.

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