Is Traffic Spirit is Safe For Website And Google Adsense ?

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Why you shouldn’t use traffic bot – banned from google adsense – Read my experience

This post is for all bloggers/website owners who using fake traffic or bot traffic for his/her website. Bloggers/website owners who choose shortcut to make him successful are wasting time in a way.
Many bloggers/website owners choose fake traffic, paid traffic, auto surf, auto bot traffic software(Traffic Spirit) and many more software or traffic providers.  
But here we will talk about ‘Is Traffic Spirit Safe For Website And Google Adsense Or Not?’

Traffic Spirit– It is a software which help to get bot traffic from any country and also gives fake clicks on website to jump on next page. This software, firstly you have to choose timezone because with the help of timezone they gives traffic according to the per hour. After this you have to submit your website link and customize its setting. In setting you have many way to choose your traffic such as- stay time, how many clicks from one bot, what traffic you want(PC, Andriod), Traffic platform(Google, Yahoo, Google keyword, or others), Clicks to jump on next page, choosing countries traffic and last Traffic curve to customize your traffic according to the per hour.

Wait, real story is now.

I know this is the most easiest way to get traffic from any country but it’s bot traffic. Yeah bot traffic which firstly make your website ranking up but after one month its automatically creates problems for you such as-Firstly, if you have Google ads or any other ads on your blog and also using traffic spirit then your just creating huge problems for you because when your payment should track at the end of month, then you get only one mail- Your account is banned from this ad network(which you are using). Second, we all know google is the no.1 platform where we get visitors. But when google tracks you with traffic spirit it will also get you ban from google search index and also remove your website from google index. Third, traffic spirit increase your Alexa rank but does not increase your website search ranking. It will only makes your website junk.

Should I use Traffic Spirit or not? As an blogger and website owner , i strongly suggest you to never use Traffic Spirit and who are using then stop using it immediately and delete it from your PC. If you want to make your website junk and want to decrease your ranking from SERPs then use it and waste your time. Only smart and hardworking bloggers choose right way for e.g create your own articles, be patience at least 6 months and give time to your website as much as possible. Another cause of Traffic spirit which should be very important for bloggers who using- Please if you think i’m right and choose path of hardwork and then please also delete Traffic spirit software from your PC because it also tracks your activity. Also clear your browser history where you operating your website. Forget this all, just reset your PC and start from new session.

I made a mistake of using traffic bot and get banned from google adsense.
I lost my 2 years old site and starting this new blog. Believe in Hardwork – “Never ever use traffic bot and don’t believe traffic providers”

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