Scam Alert : Hiring a SEO freelancer using fiverr/freelancer/upwork?

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SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of getting traffic from the search results on search engines. So to get free and natural traffic, you must optimize your site to get some best ranking in google and other search engines.
SEO has two strategy: on-page and off-page
Onpage SEO means to optimize codes, metatags, keywords, User experience, responsiveness, Speed. Speed of a website really matters for on-page seo. If you have better speed of your site than your competitors then google shows your site in higher position than others even if the keywords are equally powerful.
Offpage strategy includes creating backlinks, branding, marketing, submitting site to webmasters, local seo, and spreading your site to different places of the internet. The off-page strategy is really long process and takes a lot of time and research.
But even all are good, at last the ” content is king ” , without content noone is going to visit or stay on your site for longer. If you get more traffic by getting lots of backlinks then you should think why user will stay in your site. This may result in high bounce rates and that means you will endup making your site a junk.

So from this, we can conclude that it’s very long and hard process. It takes alot of time, effort and research. And as per my experience, no one can do best seo just in 10 days as some freelancers promise.

Are you Buying backlinks from a freelancers (Eg: from fiverr , freelancer , upwork, etc) ?

You are doing one of the greatest mistake in your life.
You will be end up getting nothing but a junk site with lots of spam backlinks.
Why ?
let’s have a look at some fiverr gigs

Really guys ? is it joke or what ?

May be you have heard having backlinks means higher rank, but not with spam and low quality backlinks. These spam links also use to work before 2010-2012. And Now, these are literally a great method of making your site junk. Google has developed and refined it’s ranking algorithm and over the time. Now google knows what kinds of backlinks are you getting. What content do you have in your site? are those backlinks are real or not ? The ranking algorithm will be totally focused on the content you have in your site in some few years. That’s why i believe content is king.
I literally worked for a person who works for creating backlinks and sending traffic using bots. All they do is creating some random pages, copy the content, use article spinner and giving baclinks and traffic.
They will promise to rank high in google page and promise to bring some targeted visitors to your site.
As per their gigs : In a month they will create more than 15500  backlinks . and i’m like dude are you joking ?
The truth : In the best case you can get 2-3 backlinks hardly if you have a new or website with little content. All process includes manual research and other manual works. It’s very hard to get a good backlinks. And the power of 1- 2 good backlinks is more than 1000 or 10,000 spam backlinks.
What do the freelancers do to create that much amount of backlinks?
– they spam your site every where, such as in comments of blogs and use some grey/black hat backlinks like from their personal blog networks which is created for just creating backlinks. They have many sites just to provide backlinks which has no value.
All they provide is lots of junk baclinks.
You will also see some improvements with such spam and junk backlinks even in 2020.
Till then you already provide great reviews for the freelancer and those reviews are seen by other peoples and again same thing happens.
But you will see the effects after some months, Google will slowly penalize your site or may be the results could be even worse if google removes your site from search index.

And what about the traffic they provide ?

Those all are bots, believe me. Go to and see their plans. You will understand what’s going on. They also promise to increase alexa rank but i believe the alexa rank doesn’t make sense if you are getting traffic with bots. Yes, i agree even google can’t detect properly such traffic but if your website has inconsistent traffic then your site has no good value for it.. And i believe you can’t spend money for getting bots traffic every month.

How can you know the backlink is bad or spam ?

and enter your domain name
and you can see the baclinks in the yellow color like below

Click on the referring links and check what kind of websites are referring to your site.
If you even feel the link is spam then it is.

How to choose/hire SEO freelancer properly ?

Don’t hire without proper discussion: Talk to them in details and don’t just give your site and pay to create backlinks.
Strategy: Ask about the strategy they use.
Make a contract like: If they are going to provide spam baclinks they will be be paid and should also pay compensation to you.
Check the backlinks using ahref : if you really care about the SEO of your site then be sure you check all the backlinks properly
Don’t believe that they can provide 1000s of backlinks in some days : creating backlinks is really a time consuming process, it takes time for sure.

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