Zip code of Kalikot, Nepal – Postal / Pin codes of Kalikot District

The Zip code of DPO Kalikot is 21300.

Zip code is also known as Pin or Postal code, which is very useful for sending & receiving parcels, packages, mails, letters, and so on. The other zip codes of Kalikot District are:

The zip code of Kalikot D.P.O. is 21300.
The zip code of Sanniraskot is 21303.
The zip code of Mehalmudi is 21304.
The zip code of Kotbada is 21305.
The zip code of Kalikot is 21306.
The zip code of Padamghat is 21307.
The zip code of Jubitha is 21308.
The zip code of Thirpu is 21309.

Why Do I need 5 digit postal code?

You need 5 digit Postal / Zip (PIN) code for different purposes. For example if you want to send some parcel or documents to Nepal from United states then you must need an ZIP/POSTAL/PIN code of Nepal or nearest POST office.

How can i use this Zip/Postal/Pin code?

The zip code you need, and mix it with address after writing district.
For Eg:

FirstName LastName
Street name & ward no.
City or VDC Name

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